Advanced technological developments in fields such as biomedical sciences and other emerging fields of study have facilitated the enmeshment of technology and the body, sparking a paradigm shift which questions the boundaries of the traditional notion of what defines a human and how we quantify wellness. Whereas before medicine focused on diagnosing and attempting to resolve an issue constituting a threat, the field has moved beyond this binary reasoning. The inception of preventative medicine, elective surgery and non-essential implantation dissolves a general view on the state of wellness of the human body.

Transient Bodies explored the uncertain status of the human body, the technology we consume and choose to co-exist with, along with the form of hypercapitcalism surrounding the commodification of health.

C-Type Prints Mounted on Aluminium


Body/Space is an experimental moving image piece, aimed to accompany Transient Bodies. Inside the construced virtual gallery space various biological and mechanical forms inhabit the environment. Playing with scale the  sculptures are blown up, the mysterious and invisible world often associated with medicine is made monolithic and confrontational.

Looping HD Video


Created for Dltd-Scenes Volume 4, themed 1984, Doublethink was an experiment in creating oppressive architectural spaces that tease of an exterior world that is simultaneously visible yet unreachable due to the claustrophobic cage like surrounding spaces. Taking inspiration from brutalist architecture and Orwell's rich visual descriptions of Oceania, the results are visual renditions of the sense of uncertainty and immobility in the current political climate.

Digital Images for Online Publication


Created for a group show in which various artists respond to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A space Odyssey, through direct access to the  Kubrick archive at London College of Communication.

2.5 Meter Vinyl Wall Print